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We are writing another chapter of the Iron Man story where has faces a new challenge/problem. What challenge does he have to face this time? Share your plans/ideas here please.


Hogarth’s plan

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

But Hogarth had another idea. At first, the farmers would not hear of it, least of all his own father. But at last they agreed. Yes they would give Hogarth’s idea a trial. And if it failed, they would call in the Army.

What do you think Hogarth’s plan is?

Here is Mr Smith’s first attempt.

Rusted and huge
Hearing, searching, glowing
Trapped under tons of farmers earth

Does it fit the rules? Add yours here.

The Coming of The Iron Men

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Plum Class
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We have put all the parts together!!

Plum Class Iron Man began to emerge on Thursday . . .

Does he still have two ears?All his parts have been put back together!

 Mr Curtis unveiled ‘The Iron Man’ in Apple Class!

Well done to Apple Class, for  all of your wonderful design ideas! 

Cherry ‘s Iron Man Haikus

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Have a look at these!!!
Can you spot any similes?

We have been busy collecting junk to mske an Iron Man. Enjoy reading our Haikus, see if you can spot the similies.

The Return of The Iron Man

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Chapter 2 is called ‘The Return of the Iron Man’
Why has the Iron Man returned from the sea?
Why do you think the Iron Man is eating Tractors, Ploughs, Earth-diggers and Harrows?
What would would he drink whilst eating his tractor?

Over the next 4 weeks, pupils in Year 3 and 4  at Carterton Primary School will read the wonderful book ‘The Iron Man’ written by Ted Hughes. Using this book, we will cover many genres of writing which will all be linked to this gripping story. All the learning that you will see on this blog is from outside our normal Literacy lessons with much of the learning done from home.

Wish us luck and come back often to see the sensational learning on show!