Welcome to our Iron Man writing project blog

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Over the next 4 weeks, pupils in Year 3 and 4  at Carterton Primary School will read the wonderful book ‘The Iron Man’ written by Ted Hughes. Using this book, we will cover many genres of writing which will all be linked to this gripping story. All the learning that you will see on this blog is from outside our normal Literacy lessons with much of the learning done from home.

Wish us luck and come back often to see the sensational learning on show!

  1. William says:

    I like the Iron Man, it is a very good story. So far I have found out that the Iron Man has lost one of his ears, I wonder if he will find it again?

    • Corey says:

      I like your comment it was a very good . I think the iron man will find his ear just before the end. I fink the story is about his ear

      • DYLAN says:

        the iron man is very clever at putting himself back together

      • mrs walsh says:

        you spoke to soon corey the 3rd chapter is’nt about is ear its about hugarth he really has got good ideas when he traps the iron man and the iron man escapes but they get the iron man to eat there old junk at the end of chapter 3 ut aso quie weird he might run out of iron so he will have to eat imself.

  2. laura says:

    I agre it is intressting I think he will go on a big adventure ti find his ear.

  3. charlie says:

    I think the Iron Man has stolen some of the Farmer’s engines and tractor’s parts to make a boat to go searching for his ear and now all the Farmers are going to fight him

  4. Charlie says:

    The Iron man is cool,
    Plum class have collected boxes and things to make an Iron Man our self but unfortunetly Jamie used up the boxes that were our legs on his own model so Jamie said he would hopefully bring in a couple more boxes to finish the model…
    I myself have made the arms.
    So HOPEFULLY!! It will be a sucsess

  5. Janette Ratcliffe says:

    Good Luck with your exciting project and Enjoy!

    The Iron Man is great to give you LOADS of ideas when writing, the classes I’ve used it with have always loved it!

    I’ll be back regularly to have a look at the fantastic work you’ve been doing 🙂

  6. Charlie says:

    i think anyone who sees our Iron Man work all 3 classes (allthough i have’nt seen 2 of the classes work) will be amazed at our work

  7. Tracey Harris says:

    Have fun making your Iron Men!! It would be great to have them on display permanently in the school…. after all….. they won’t go rusty if they’re indoors!!! ;0)

  8. Charlie says:

    The Farmers have made a deep,Deep,Deep Hole and a boy managged to make the iron man walk in to the hole and the Farmers are celebrating

  9. Ceara says:

    the man
    slent rusty
    watching looking staring
    he falls down to the rocky beach

  10. mrs walsh says:

    i like ur haiku

  11. laura macgregor says:

    I like your work ella it is amazing

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