Apple Class post your Iron Man Haikus here.

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

We have been busy collecting junk to mske an Iron Man. Enjoy reading our Haikus, see if you can spot the similies.

  1. The Iron Man stood.
    His head was like a dustbin.
    Eyes green and flashing.

  2. Tracey Harris says:

    Hi Apple Class,
    Georgia has been teaching me how to write a Haiku!
    Here goes:

    Man made of metal,
    His body cold like icy steel,
    Will he ever wake?


    • Tracey Harris says:

      OOOOOppps… too many syllables in one line.
      Let me try again….. ;0)

      Man made of metal,
      His legs cold like icy steel,
      Will he ever wake?

  3. Mrs walsh says:

    his heart was as bright as the sun

    his hat as bright a keys
    his eyes like shiny CD’s
    his arms like bendy racks

    By James

  4. Mrs Walsh says:

    THE iron man fell
    his brain was like scrunched tin foul
    his eyes were like bulbs

    by Sky

  5. Mrs walsh says:

    The iron, man stopped,
    teeth are as,hard as red,tin
    he is like,a man

    by Ben Murphy

  6. Mrs walsh says:

    Hands are like car keys.
    His heart is like a panel
    he stood like a cliff

    by alex oliver

  7. Mrs Walsh says:

    Today I was in Apple Class and I had the pleasure of unveiling Iron Man……..he was covered in a secret black cloth. Afterwards I saw everyone writing their poems about him. Some are here on this blog. I thought I’d write something, please feel free to make your comments about my work!
    Mr Curtis

    Eyes alive like luminous rays,
    Silicon circuits control the silent slave
    Standing motionless awaiting my command!
    Mr Curtis
    (I think he needs some circuits to enable him to see you all! Don’t you think he needs some lights or buzzers to communicate with?)

    Born today of pure metal,
    All grey and cold to the touch,
    Friend of foe, who knows?
    Mr Curtis
    (Not sure if I could trust a cold character like this? What do you think?)

  8. lewis says:

    mrs walsh your poem is good

  9. lewis says:

    the iron man is cool

  10. Matthew says:

    The Iron Man has
    Ears as good as brightest tins
    Eyes as dark as night

    by Matthew

  11. lewis says:


  12. sam says:

    to ben i like your coment its the best ever from sam whitmore

  13. Mrs Geddes says:

    Mrs Geddes has really enjoyed reading all the Haiku poems and the Cinquains and was so impressed she decided to have a go herself. Here it is:

    Cold shiny
    Standing gleaming glistening
    Metallic monster

  14. Charlie says:

    I wrote a haiku at school but i have another one so here it goes
    The Iron Man
    The Iron Man fell,
    He landed on the beach below,
    He lay scattered down.
    By Charlie Plumridge, Plum Class.

  15. lewis keenor says:

    mrs walsh this is my first hakiu here I go
    the iron man
    the iron man fell
    battered on the beach he lay
    broken legs and arms

  16. Ewa says:

    the iron man stood
    head like a massive dustbin
    made of shiny iron

  17. Ewa says:

    the iron man stopped
    eyes green and flashing brightly
    he is like a man

  18. Ewa says:

    shame that we had to end the topic

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