The Coming of The Iron Men

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Plum Class
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We have put all the parts together!!

Plum Class Iron Man began to emerge on Thursday . . .

Does he still have two ears?All his parts have been put back together!

 Mr Curtis unveiled ‘The Iron Man’ in Apple Class!

Well done to Apple Class, for  all of your wonderful design ideas! 
  1. Tracey Harris says:

    looking good!!

  2. lewis says:

    the poor iron man fell down the hole and cant get out

  3. christopher welsh says:

    The iron man is a great story beacoas it is a mistry.

  4. connor williams says:

    The iron man is great beacase he lost his ear

  5. Christopher says:

    I like the iron man because he eats half of the tractors.

  6. sky says:

    well done lewis

  7. Tracey Harris says:

    Well done to all of the ‘Iron Man makers’, he’s amazing! How tall i he? As tall as Mr Smith? Perhaps the Iron Men could come to assembly on Friday? It would be great for the other children in the school to see what you’ve been up to!!! :0)

  8. Plum Class says:

    The Plum class Iron Man might have some trouble getting to assembly on Friday as he hasn’t been able to find his legs! I’m sure they will turn up soon . . . However, Charlie thinks that he may know where they are!
    Plum class is very impressed with both Cherry and Apple class’ Iron Men and hope that when complete that Plum Class Iron Man will be as tall and wonderful!

    Well done everybody, your poetry is fantastic.

    • Tracey Harris says:

      I hope that Charlie has managed to locate the legs so that the Iron Man can stand tall!!!
      Cant wait to see all three of them together!

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