Hogarth’s plan

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

But Hogarth had another idea. At first, the farmers would not hear of it, least of all his own father. But at last they agreed. Yes they would give Hogarth’s idea a trial. And if it failed, they would call in the Army.

What do you think Hogarth’s plan is?

  1. jamie brister . says:

    I think hogarth will call the army ,and the army will bring rocket launchers to blow him up but he puts himself back together again.

  2. connor says:

    Hogarth’s plan worked and the iron man was happy

  3. lewis keenor says:

    were waching the iron man now

  4. christopher welsh says:

    it is great because he puts his self together by himself

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